Which Foods to Avoid When Having Diabetes

The Do’s and Don’ts of Eating with Diabetes

Do you have diabetes and you constantly look for places that sell diabetic test strips? Do you want to eat healthier in order to control your diabetes? Diabetes is a condition that affects the way your body manages blood sugar. It can be caused by genetics, obesity, or high-risk lifestyle choices. If you have diabetes and are trying to control it through diet and exercise alone, you need to identify which foods may not be the best for you.

Processed foods (including frozen dinners) are full of sugar and carbohydrates which can make it difficult to balance your blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes, avoiding processed foods may be the best way for you to manage your condition. Processed foods are also full of preservatives that could trigger an allergic reaction or intolerance (such as MSG) in some people with diabetes.

Refined grains, like white rice and pasta, can also be problematic for people with diabetes. These foods are portioned in large quantities, which may lead to overeating if you have difficulty monitoring your food intake.

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If you do indulge in these types of processed foods and feel a spike in blood glucose levels after eating one meal or snack containing them, it might be best to limit their use until the time that your body has stabilized again (you should aim for at least two days).

Eating slowly is helpful because it allows less insulin to enter the bloodstream simultaneously when compared to someone who eats quickly. It’s also important not to stir fry as this will actually break down some of the nutrients on food before they’re absorbed by our bodies – meaning fewer healthy benefits from any vegetables we cook!

Sugar or anything made with sugar, sweets and desserts, alcohol (especially beer), and anything made with white flour are all best avoided when you have diabetes.

Dairy products unless they are low in lactose such as hard cheeses. If you have to eat dairy, make sure it’s fat-free. Avoid ice cream because of the high sugar content. Make your own sorbet instead! Try a cobbler. You can also try cottage cheese mixed with fruit for breakfast if you don’t want eggs or cereal for breakfast; bacon is another option that’s lower in sodium than sausage but still has plenty of protein – make them on the stovetop so they’re not too greasy.

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