Avoiding Installation Mistakes When Installing a Level Switch

What Not To Do When Installing A Level Switch

Installing a nivåbryter level switch is a relatively straightforward process. If you have the right tools and know what to do, it should only take about 30 minutes to complete the job. What many people don’t realize, however, is that there are some mistakes that can make this installation difficult or even impossible for your needs.

Don’t install the switch on a vertical surface. If you do this, gravity will cause it to not be able to fully open and close which means that there is no way for fluid or other material inside the tank to pass through. When possible, install your level switch horizontally (parallel with the floor).


Make sure that any tubing connected to the bottom of your level switch has enough space between itself and where it meets up with the installation point so as not to impede its movement when it moves from one position to another. You should also make sure that nothing obstructs access at either end of your tube if they are too long; try tying them back onto themselves in order avoid these issues. It’s generally best practice to shorten the tube as much as possible when you’re doing this.

Don’t use plumber’s putty to install your level switch; it is far more likely to malfunction if you do so and can result in damage or even complete destruction of your installation point in some cases. Use pipe thread sealant instead; it will work perfectly well for most needs without any kind of problems arising due to its usage. Plumber’s putty isn’t made with the same care that goes into creating a good fitting, high quality machine thread sealant which means that using one over another will lead to poor results at best and total failure at worst depending on what type of material is being used inside the tank where the switch resides.

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