Looking for a Great Mat to Train on? Check Out This One

Inflatable Gymnastics Track Mat: The Ultimate Workout

Gymnasts and coaches are always looking for the latest and greatest equipment to help them train. There is a lot of gear that goes into being a gymnast, but one piece often overlooked is the inflatable track mat! In this blog post we will discuss how it can make your workouts more challenging while also providing you with all the benefits of good conditioning. If you’re looking for an awesome new workout challenge, then keep reading to find out about some of these inflatable mats!

Here is just one example:

One way you could use an inflatable mat would be as a balance beam or aerial yoga mat.

Air Track

Here’s another idea:

An exercise we like using it for is lunges where you jump off the floor with your hands touching the ground at each side of your body. These mats provide endless opportunities for creative workouts, so don’t let them sit unused any longer!

In case you want to create your own workout, you should try these exercises and more!

What is air track mat made of?

The inflatable mat is made of durable nylon and polyester. This combination makes it easy for the mats to stay inflated, while also being fairly light so they’re easy to transport. The material has a measure elasticity that gives you enough bounce when jumping on it. If you need more support though, air track mats can be used in conjunction with other flooring or objects such as plywood boards or rubber foam mats from your local hardware store!

What are some exercises I could do?

Exercises we like using this mat for include lunges where you jump off the ground hands touching at each side of your body (a great way to work out those glutes!), balancing beams, aerial yoga matts.

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