How to Keep Your Yard Safe Against Small Animals

Wild animals are a problem for many homeowners. They can get into your yard, dig up the ground, and cause all sorts of other problems. For this reason, it’s important to find ways to keep them out of your yard. One way is by installing PVC fencing Brisbane that will keep small animals from getting in while still giving you access to walk around your backyard freely.

This fencing is great because it doesn’t endanger the animals, and it can be placed anywhere you need to keep them out.

There are a few other types of fencing that will provide some protection from wildlife: chicken wire fences, electric fences, and stockades. All three of these options work by keeping small animals away from your home or garden area.

PVC Fencing Brisbane

Chickens wire is installed on top of an existing fence to protect gardens while also providing food for rabbits in order to avoid overpopulation problems with this animal species. This type of fencing offers great protection against bunnies as well as voles but may not prevent foxes (or any larger predator) if they’re hungry enough!

Electric fencing works much like chickens wire except that instead there’s a wire that lets off a shock, so animals will stay away from the area. This can be set up with some effort and is usually cheaper than stockades in Brisbane but may not work as well for larger predators.

Stockade fencing or timber walls are strong options to keep out almost all types of wildlife except large mammals like deer and big cats such as lions. These fences often surround an entire property and take careful planning to install correctly!