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That which does not kill us ……. (thoughts from Budapest)

I’m riding a tour bus across the Danube and I’m thinking of Nietzsche.

That which does not kill us ……. (thoughts from Budapest)

A peaceful place amidst the shouting

Under what circumstances could you shoot another human if you could feel their fear? Know their thoughts?

A peaceful place amidst the shouting

The look of peace ….

The look of peace ….



May 2014 bring peace, joy and hope to all!

May 2014 bring peace, joy and hope to all!

Painting for Peace

Painting for Peace

Art for empathy and world peace

Art for empathy and world peace

The True Children of a Lesser God

The True Children of a Lesser God

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Weapons for peace

Weapons for peace

Peace Signs

Peace Signs

Cease firing for a day: Saturday September 21 2013

Cease firing for a day: Saturday September 21 2013

A short political rant (not mine)

A short political rant (not mine)

Playing a kids’ game for world peace

Playing a kids’ game for world peace

World Peace Update

World Peace Update

Searching for world peace …..

Searching for world peace ….

Ads for world peace

Ads for world peace

Becoming more emphathic

Becoming more emphathic

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Guns for World Peace?

Guns for World Peace?

Watching the clock for world peace?

Watching the clock for world peace?

Happy Independance Day Nigeria!

Happy Independance Day Nigeria!

A belated happy International Day of Peace to you

A belated happy International Day of Peace to you

Sign painting for world peace

Earth~Billboard~SmallerI was so moved by the post on BuzzFeed called “15 Photos Of Libyans Apologizing To Americans” that I had to repost this message here.  Please check this out. It is always a wonderful moment when our fellow humans stand up to remind us that no one has to let the idiots of this world speak for them.

For more on the photos, please visit my x0 blog at Sign painting for world peace.

Empathy lessons from Nigeria

When I started writing a book about a telepathic link developing between two strangers, I wanted the second woman to lead a life that was very different from my protagonist. There were a lot of good reasons to make her Nigerian. For one, I’ve gotten to work with and know a variety of Nigerians in my day job, and I had both information on and appreciation for Nigeria’s cultures. Secondly, I recognized that few nations have as poor a reputation here in the US, largely due, I think, to the ongoing rash of Nigerian internet scams.

But I also knew that Nigeria has lessons to teach the rest of the world about learning to get along.

Read the rest of this post at Empathy lessons from Nigeria.


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