Why You Should Choose This Type of Foundation

Concrete slabs are a popular foundation type because they are cheap, easy to install, and can be done without any excavation. Foundation Repair in McKinney TX recommends this foundation in most situations.

The main advantage of concrete slab foundations is that there are no hidden costs – the price you pay for the concrete slab includes all labor and materials. Also, this foundation is quite easy to install and does not require any digging. Also, concrete slabs are very durable – they will last for many years without any maintenance or expensive repairs.

However, there is one drawback of using a concrete slab as a foundation: the home may shift over time due to changes in moisture levels in the soil or other factors such as erosion, settling or heavy flooding. This can be addressed by adding additional layers of reinforcement underneath the slab surface , but this increases costs significantly .

Foundation Repair in McKinney TX

If your soil conditions aren’t suitable for this type of installation (e.g., it’s too wet), you will need to hire an engineer who specializes in these types of installations or switch to another foundation type. Concrete slabs require a smooth, stable surface to be installed on. If you have an area with rough soil or lots of rocks (or if your house wasn’t built properly and has poor subflooring), it’s not ideal for this type of foundation.

Another issue is the possibility of moisture damage – if there are any cracks in the slab, rainwater can seep into them, which can cause mold growth under your floorboards over time. This problem usually comes up due to missing sealer during installation; make sure all joints between pieces are sealed correctly before pouring the concrete!