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Going Crazy

Somewhere between meaningless uses of the word like “I’m crazy about you” and serious, perhaps even crippling, mental health issues is a world of sort-of-comic, sort-of-sad neurotic behavior that we lightly refer to as crazy. We use it to mean that you (or I) have crossed that fuzzy boundary that surrounds normal and you (or I) are now happily dancing around naked in pig shit singing songs from “The Sound of Music” while making funny faces. You know, crazy.

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How to write like a wolf

I discovered that in spite of a cheerful tendency to smile a lot and a skill for using words well, I was in fact not Miss Congeniality like everyone else thought. I was very much an introvert. Well, that suddenly explained a lot.

How to write like a wolf



Ten Wonderful, Easy Things You Can Do for Your Friend Who Writes Books

You have a good friend or close relative who self-publishes her stories and you think it is totally cool but you haven’t gotten around to reading one yet. It would be nice if there was a quick way to show your support.There are ten of them I can think of, and any single one will make her smile.

Ten Wonderful, Easy Things You Can Do for Your Friend Who Writes Books

Please note: if you happen to refer to that close relative as “mom” then this list could be a fine, easy, cheap way to make her happy on mother’s day!


Still caring about those reviews

A writer wants to know what total strangers, ones who like the kinds of books she writes, think about her book.

Still caring about those reviews



Normal people

“It’s quite different from normal books.” That’s just what she said. “Normal books.”

Normal people



No, this book is not about zombies……

No, this book is not about zombies…….

Embracing your inner opportunist

Embracing your inner opportunist

What’s wrong with adverbs?

What’s wrong with adverbs?

Why why one?

Why why one?

Hugs and kisses?

Hugs and kisses?

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